How it Works

Netos is Built on NetBox

Native to NetBox

Netos is built on NetBox, the industry leading Source of Truth for networks, tailored for networks, and deployed in thousands of organizations.

Summary of our NetBox Plugins:

Flexible Deployment Options

Netos Pod

Netos Pod is a fully managed and self-contained NetDevOps stack that can connect to and discover complex networks out-of-the-box.

Self-Hosted NetBox

If you've already deployed NetBox or prefer to host NetBox yourself, it's simple and fast to install the Netos plugins.

Core Features

Netos Fabric

Logical and physical discovery, data normalisation, quality, and compliance

Netos Insights

End of life reporting, capacity analysis, finance, TBM, and inventory enrichment

Netos Projects

Model project outcomes, new business demands, and business cases

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