Netos Projects

Nail Your Business Case

Business Outcomes

Financial forecasts, feasibility studies, and RFPs

IT Operations

EoX planning, sustainability, risk, and compliance

IT & Architecture

Project outcomes, strategy, and vendor selection

Corporate Finance

Valuations, risk and financial assessments, and M&A

Financial Models on Your Live Inventory

Financial Forecasts

Build business cases by modelling different project scenarios against your existing cost base and live network inventory.

Plan Budgets

Budget projects, including pricing comparisons, multi-vendor projects, and detailed costs breakdowns

Plan to Component Level

Scope; Replacing, Retaining, Adding, and Removing network infrastructure, with an audit trail down to every component in your inventory.

Fully Cost Network Projects

Map supplier costs for new infrastructure back to the original inventory and actions for every model.

Categorize Project Spend

Carry through existing TBM settings, or set new categories down to component level and for every cost.

Detailed Multi Year Forecasts

Forecast OpEx and CapEx changes, and model against the current baseline, with annual and monthly (10 year) forecasts for every supplier in the model.

EoX Status for In-Scope Infra

Add context to projects with color coded EoX timelines mapped to the existing infrastructure for the model.

Comparison Reports

Display Model Builder Budget and Forecast reports side-by-side to compare different project and business outcomes.

See the Model Builder in Action

Scope Network Projects Fast and at Scale

Report Templates

Scope an entire program of work and all possible outcomes by linking Matching Templates to Product Templates. Create unlimited project scenarios and outcomes for every project.

Matching Templates

Filter your network inventory to match what’s in scope for different scenarios within a project. For example, all EoX LAN switches, or all partner managed edge routers.

Product Templates

Match existing infrastructure to model component and OpEx replacements, removals, and additions.

Data Management

Product Template Generator

Automatically create internal Bills of Materials based on your network inventory, which can then be used to scope actions and replacements in the Model Builder.

Pricing Feeds

Pricing Data Feeds provide list price and internet pricing for forecasting and Best Price calculations.

Export all Model data to Excel

Export every data point from every model into Excel for your finance and project teams.

Documentation Portal

Full product documentation and user guides are available in the Netos Documentation Center. The portal links to an interactive demo pod for you to test and explore on a real working system.

Discover, Enrich, and Report​​

Netos Fabric

Logical and physical discovery, data normalisation, quality, and compliance

Netos Insights

End of life reporting, capacity analysis, finance, TBM, and inventory enrichment

Netos Projects

Model project outcomes, new business demands, and business cases

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