Bridge IT & Finance with Best-in-Class Data & Analytics

Model Builder

Financial Analysis

OpEx and CapEx forecasts, cost breakdowns, and supplier/solution price comparisons.

Comparison Reports

Compare outcomes and business cases, and model changes against the current estate.

Model Framework

Slice and dice your data to understand the commercial impact on your network.

Data Enrichment


Live end-of-life data feeds automatically reconciled with your inventory.

Pricing & Procurement

Integrated pricing to fully cost projects from day one. Think market data for networks.

Global Insights

Macro and drill-down insights based on sites, device functions, and business units.

Less Mess, More Value

Data Assurance

Source of Truth

Automated SoT with checks and balances to ensure there is human oversight and control.


Ensure infrastructure meets compliance standards and feed the data into forecasts.

TBM Taxonomy

Full alignment and compliance with TBM for reporting in Netos and external integrations.

Network Discovery

Vendor & Solution Agnostic

Discover any device or system, using any protocol or data source

Fabric Intelligence

Detect and discover network devices and account for them them in data models

Capacity Analysis

Model consolidation and cost saving opportunities.

Commercial Automation for IT Networks

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